SEO audit involves comprehensive analysis of your website. It includes all the most important SEO indicators, such as presence of a variety of technical errors, content quality, degree of relevance of pages of the site to the promoted keywords and more.

Why is site audit needed?

Site audit may be needed in the following cases:

  • If you’re looking for a company that would subsequently promote your site on the Internet but you want to first know what the company can actually offer you.
  • You want to check how efficient is your SEO company. Then it would be a great decision to order for an audit from a third-party company.
  • You’ve decided to promote your site by yourself and want to get guidelines on further independent work on it.

In all the above cases, SEO audit will be very useful.

Factors that we check in our SEO audit
Technical inspection

Search for duplicate pages on the site

Server response time

Checking the speed of pages of the site

Checking the layout

Checking outgoing links

Checking the mobile version of the site

Site analytics

Site traffic analytics

Traffic sources analytics

Internal optimization of site pages (On-Page Optimization)

Website Structure Analysis

Content Analysis

Traffic Source Analysis

Link Analysis

Website Technical Audit

Optimization of title tags

Optimization of description meta tags

Analysis of site content quality and recommendations for improvement

Building a correct page relinking scheme


Usability analysis and recommendations for improvement

Analysis of relevance of site pages to promoted keywords

Checking of microdata

Internal optimization (Off-Page Optimization)

Analysis of backlinks and recommendations

Analysis of site reputation on the Internet

Cost of SEO audit

Our SEO cost is not high – average of £300