Our Story

We officially registered ourselves as a company in 2010. We were only three then, but each one of those who were pioneers of our company was already in the SEO industry much earlier. We started working with web technologies in 2006. At first, it was just creation of sites. Then we discovered even more challenging areas – site promotion in search engines.

But site promotion was not so complex and multi-faceted far back in 2007-2009 than it is now. Bringing a site to top positions of search engines wasn’t that difficult. SEO had quite primitive methods then, which can today attract penalties from search engines.

We have come a long way and improved our technology as search engines continue to develop. We can’t say that everything has always gone smoothly. There have been ups and downs. But our team is known for its flexibility. While many of our competitors in the SEO industry have not been able to adjust to new approaches, we can safely say that those mistakes that we made at times had the most positive influence – enabling us accumulate the knowledge base that we have today.

We can exactly tell the full cycle of how search engines developed. Thanks to our experience, we can also with a high degree of accuracy say in which direction search engines will further develop.

We at SeoRG are constantly developing, improving our algorithms. We test new site promotion methods and develop new software for our needs. We are not afraid of something new, and look at every major search engine update tremblingly, because it offers us the opportunity to carry out infinite number of tests, build new assumptions and develop new working schemes.

Our Story

We can confidently say that all of us at SeoRG really love our work.