SEO tools for experts

14 best tools for SEO professionals

In order to deliver top quality, an SEO must master all the tools that are currently available in abundance. Of the many publicly available SEO tools, the following are our favourites:

    This is perhaps the most important tool for any SEO specialist.

  • One of the most powerful tools for link analysis. It has indexed billions of links.

  • ScrapeBox – one of the universal tools that can be used not only for searching links, but also for collecting keywords.

  • This is one of the most powerful tools for keywords. It allows you to find the keywords of competitors. Just enter the address of competitors and get full information on them.

  • This tool allows you to test how mobile-friendly your site is. It shows sufficient information by which you can fix all the flaws in the site associated with mobile devices.

  • This tool allows you to test the loading speed of pages of a site. It provides information on what can be corrected to increase speed.

  • A versatile tool that provides comprehensive information about sites, such as broken links, non-optimized images, snippet, title and more. It also allows you to collect keywords. Another feature is that it can be used to track the position of keywords of a site in search engine.

  • The most basic tool for drawing up a list of keywords (Keyword Research). Almost all the other tools take information from Google Keyword Planner. For each keyword, you can see the indicators: competition and estimated bid.

  • is one of the most powerful tools for site analytics. Site audit, backlink analysis, keywords… It’s only a little part of what this tool can do. It also has its own ToolBar for Chrome called MozBar.

  • This is also one of the most important tools for SEO experts and webmasters. It enables you to get a lot of useful information about the state of a site, about indexed pages, about sudden problems (such as viruses left by attackers on the site). One of the most valuable is the information about positions of keywords and about the number of users that visit via the keywords in search engines.
  • Li Europan lingues es membres del sam familie. This is another powerful tool for link analysis. It provides two very useful metrics: “TrustFlow” and “CitationFLow”, which show how authoritative are the links leading to a site.

  • A useful app that allows you to perform small analytics of a site, including backlinks and keywords analytics.

  • A program that makes it easy to find all discussions on any topic you are interested in: all blogs, forums, social networking sites, etc. It is a very useful tool for managing a company’s reputation on the Internet.

  • It enables you to carry out a variety of site tests, for example, A-B testing (where users are given different pages instead of the same page, and the actions of the user is analysed, whereby it is possible to figure out what version of the page satisfies users the most). It’s quite a useful tool for creating a quality site that meets all customer needs. It helps to make pages really relevant.