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SEO: what is it? Why do you need website promotion?

If you came to this website, then you probably know already what search engine optimization is all about. However, we’ll give a definition for those who don’t know. Search engine optimization is a set of strategies, techniques and tactics aimed at ensuring that a site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine, for example, Google. The purpose of website promotion is to get that website on the top 10 results of a search engine or even higher – at the very first position.

Why is it necessary to promote a website on Google? The answer is obvious: the higher your site is listed in a search engine results page, the more potential customers will visit the site. This will in turn increase your sales. If you are lucky to outsource SEO services to a reliable and experienced SEO company, then your sales are sure to skyrocket.

How does SEO work?

Let’s take, for example, search engine Google. Google determines the search engine ranking of a website based on thousands of factors. Some of the factors are very simple and easy to implement (for example: the site must satisfy the search query category).

Others are more complex and less obvious (for example, which links to the site are highly rated by Google). There are more complex factors such as how the domain name of a site influences its position on the search results page – that’s why you need to think about website promotion before even creating the site.

There are ranking factors which you can never guess if you haven’t been in the SEO business for many years – for example, which words are best positioned next to keywords.

So, putting the main idea in simple terms, there are thousands of various ranking factors. Google takes all of them into account, and determines the relevance of each site to a given query using its complex algorithms. The higher the relevance, the better the search ranking.

So what do we have at the end? The task of SEO firms is to ensure that the site incorporates as much ranking factors as possible that are highly rated by a search engine. In doing so, the experts ensure that the most valuable factors (for example, texts and links) are implemented unfailingly. And at the same time, it is necessary not to forget that the site should not contain any errors that could hurt its search ranking. It is also worth noting that there are measures that contradict each other. For example, it is known that:

  • Using a keyword several times in a text is recommendable
  • Writing very long texts in the commercial themes of a site should be avoided
  • Keywords should not be used many times in a small text

All these should be implemented at the same time. So what’s better in this case? Keywords used several times in a large text? Or a small text and one keyword? It’s also the task of the SEO expert to analyze and decide what would be best for website ranking in each individual case.

That’s a difficult task. One can devote one’s entire life to studying all these factors and their impact on search engine and become a first-class specialist in this field… But what if you’re entirely engaged in your business and has no time and desire for any other thing? What if you also need to improve the position of your website in search engine results page so that your products and services could attract the attention of a wider audience in the world? What if you need to upgrade your search positions right now and not in 5-10 years time, when you have made lots of errors and finally learnt to look at your website through the eyes of a search engine and can gain weight from such giants as Google?

There is good news. Our SEO agency is a close-knit team of like-minded professionals who have dedicated their lives to the study of all the site ranking factors and their impact on search engines. We have already accumulated the necessary know-how and now deliver excellent results. We look at a website through the eyes of search engines. We offer flexible solutions for each site. We’ll gladly help improve your site’s search engine ranking and tell the world about your business.

Our services

SEO services offered by our search engine optimisation company in London cover a full range of effective online website promotion services. We offer the following:

Search Engine Optimization our core business. It should be noted that we use only white hat SEO. We put all efforts towards ensuring that your site is highly rated by search engines. however, we also design the site with high quality, making it functional and user-friendly for your potential customers. We work diligently all day to improve the perception of your site both by search engines and by your customers. And at night, we explore new SEO techniques to enhance Google search ranking of your site. We are always moving forward, exploring new algorithms – we aren’t stopping in our growth.
As we have already mentioned above, it is necessary to reflect on web marketing when creating the site itself. This would enable you avoid many mistakes and not to make a real mess of things. Therefore, it is better to entrust this task to our SEO professionals, who will immediately design a "perfect site" for you. They will take into account all the features of your business and all the factors that will be considered by the search engine when determining whether to show your site to users based on queries from the themes of your business or to better show the site to your competitors.
If you aren’t yet sure whether you need any of our services or if you have some doubts, we have an ideal solution for you – SEO audit. Under this offer, we will analyse your site and let you know what we can offer specifically for your business. Then it will now be left for you to decide whether or not to entrust your website on our skillful hands and clever brains.
Strange though it may sound, pay-per-click advertising should be configured correctly. Otherwise, you run the risk of pouring huge amount of money down the drain and at the same time not getting a single customer and making any sales! We have come across many customers who had such sad stories... So while we are promoting your website in a search engine (which is not a fast process), we'll help you customize your PPC advertising so that your business – even if it is small – could work at full throttle!
Who doesn’t use social networks nowadays? ... Unless you have no access to the Internet. Although you won’t be able to search and find any products or services if you don’t have Internet access... But lets go back to the social media. If your business clients do not use the social media, then you can quietly skip this section. But if they do, then we have good news for you – we will help you promote your site not only in search engines but also on social networks. Remember we promised that we take care of the entire complex of website promotion measures on the Internet!
What will you do if you know what you want but don’t know which company to resort to in order to obtain that which you want? You will probably start looking for reviews and choose the company that has good reviews. We have one more good news for business owners: we manage your website reputation on the Internet and ensure that all the good customer reviews and feedback about your company are readily available and that other potential users can easily find the good reviews about you on the Internet. Besides, let’s reveal a big secret: search engines can now also determine the reputation of a site and rank sites with good reputation above others. Yes, you heard us right! That’s why we are also engaged in crowd marketing to raise the search ranking position of your site.

Website promotion: terms and conditions

You may be wondering what will happen to your site in our hands? OK, relax, let’s unveil some secrets of how our SEO experts handle each website.

We have a range of techniques that can be divided into smaller sub-tasks all aimed at efficiently promoting your site on Google. Here are some of their nicknames:

SEO Services
Keyword Research

Keyword Research and Analysis

Identify Keywords With High Commercial Intent for Your Business

Competitor Keyword Research

Google Suggest Keywords Research

Link Building

Build backlinks from authoritative sites

Attraction Links Naturally

Using Social Media Channels to Promote your Site

User Experience

Social Reputation Management

Creation Higly-Clickable Title and Description Tags

Optimize Your Meta Description for CTR

Creation Multimedia Content

Improving Website Usability

More Services
On-Page SEO

Creation Unique Titles for Each Page

Meta Description Optimization

Header Tags Optimization

Keyword Frequency & Keyword Density Analysis

The Best Content Optimization

Optimize E-commerce Product Pages

Publication Good Quality Content

Relevance of Content Support & Update Old Content

Technical SEO

Check &Fix Errors in Google Search Console

Image Tags Optimization

Using Microdata to boost CTR

Robots.txt & Sitemap Optimization

Elimination of Duplicate Pages on Your Site

Mobile Friendly Optimization

Check the Speed of the site

Website Architecture & Structure Analysis

Identify HTML Errors, Broken Links

Destroying Error Pages & Duplicate Content

20 useful website promotion tools

As true SEO professionals, we use a number of tools that enable us to provide SEO services as efficiently and quickly as possible. In addition to our internal tools created by programmers for the individual assignments of the SEO gurus in our team, we use the following tools:

  • Seo Tools: Moz
  • SEO Tool: majestic Seo
  • SEO Tools
  • SEO Tool
  • SEO Tool
  • SEO Tool
  • Seo Tools - Google Analitics
  • SEO Tool: Scrape Box

If you are interested, try some of them. We have tried and tested all of them and can confidently recommend them!

7 basic website promotion stages

We have identified several site promotion stages to further make it simpler for you to understand the process involved in promoting your website.

So, here they come:

It is no secret that the effectiveness of your entire SEO advertising campaign in general depends on how well compile the list of keywords for your site. If you are promoting your site based on keys that don’t fetch you new customers, the entire work becomes useless. So the main idea here is that keywords should be selected carefully, focusing on the specifics of the particular business and the possible efficiency (of such keywords), which can be calculated by SEO indicators (such as frequency of keyword). Keywords are usually compiled at the very beginning of work. However, if any SEO service provider tells you that you can’t correct the list of keywords later, then run away from such web marketing company. Keywords should be compiled and distributed to relevant pages of the site so that they can be edited subsequently.
User factors
This is also one of the most important factors in website promotion. Which factors can be called user factors? Some of them are: the time spent by a customer on the site, which services were used (or whether any were used at all) by the user on your site, the number of pages he viewed, whether he returned to the search results after visiting your site – this is by the way one of the most important factors. Most of this can be viewed via Google Analitics. But the main question is: how can we improve behavioral factors? The answer: design the site such that it entirely meets user's request. This can be achieved by improving user factors and increasing the conversion rate of the site. We will show you how to do it. When auditing your site for the first time, we will immediately tell you most of the things that could help improve the quality of your site and enhance user factors, but some other things will need us to first conduct an A/B testing.
Outbound links
They are perhaps one of the most important in Google website promotion – and equally the most "dangerous". Dangerous because links can make a site to rise or fall into the abyss, i.e, be penalized by Google. Some people even totally avoid using links because they understandably consider it as being too risky . But, unfortunately, the reality is that it is almost impossible to conduct SEO Google without backlinks. We have learned how to generate high-quality backlinks to your website that will not only improve the search engine visibility of your website, but also bring more customers to the site.
Crowd marketing
You just opened a business? And no one yet knows how quality your services are? It’s no secret that before placing an order for a service or buying a product, most buyers will first scan the internet for reviews about you and other companies. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore such an important factor as public opinion especially if you aren’t providing any unique service for a single client. The important thing here is that we'll help all online users to find good information and reviews about your company.
Text optimization

What should be the size of the text in your website? Big or small? Do you have any exact figures? How many paragraphs? Do we include pictures in the text? How many keywords should be used in the text and which ones? Do we need links from the text? Do we highlight subtitles and which ones? In what style should the text be? How do we choose a copywriter? Or is it better to write the text by ourselves?

You would agree that’s a difficult task! But we know how to deal with all these! Text optimization is a piece of cake for us.

Technical errors
We are proud to say that we know almost all the possible technical errors that may prevent effective website promotion. So, what are these errors? It could be duplicate pages on the site, or issues with the robots.txt file on the site – you shouldn’t worry if you don’t know what this file is, why it is needed and where to find it. There are many other possible errors that can ruin your business. We know which problems to look for on your site and we have a wide range of tools, some of which are listed above, to help us in our web SEO tasks.
Any SEO expert who doesn’t use all the opportunities and tools offered by Google through his own Webmaster cannot be regarded as a true professional. We use everything provided by Google to make your website even better. And that's it.

SEO for small businesses

We offer SEO for small business owners. Do you have a small business or you just opened a new one? Maybe you are deciding whether your small business needs website promotion at all?

Let’s simplify the task for you.

How do you move your business from small to medium or even large-scale company? Customers and customers and customers! Everything else can be taken care of. So how do you get new customers? There are several ways:

  1. Advertising signs and panels. Advantage: Many people will know about you. Disadvantage: Many of those who will know about you may not quite need to know about you at all. In essence, you pay to attract people who are not your potential buyers. So decide for yourself whether this is effective or not.
  2. Rent an office or shop in a good location. This is rather a good method and it’s most likely you'll get more potential customers than through advertising signs. But ultimately, the cost of renting an expensive location may not be covered by generated income.
  3. Your customers can tell their friends about you and eventually many people will know about you. What a good method. But there is one problem here: according to statistics, one in ten satisfied customers will recommend you to their friends. But 10 out of 10 will surely tell about you if they don’t like your services.

Even if your business is perfect, you’ll have to wait for a long time to build a network of customers.

Why we are the best search engine marketing and optimization company (UK)

Would you like to know why we are the best SEO company in UK and why you should hire us as an international organic SEO agency operating from London?

We are the best because:

We are
the best because:
We bring solid experience and expert knowledge to the SEO services market
We have dedicated our lives to website promotion. This has been our core business for many years now. We have come a long way and have grown together with search engines. We have a harmonious team of top-ranked SEO marketing experts.
We are constantly developing
We create our own SEO tools, which enable us become the best website SEO optimization company.
We are an international search engine marketing agency (firm)
We employ SEO professionals from UK and Russia. That’s why we are able to use the advantages of the two countries – we've worked not only with UK search systems, but also with Russian search engines. It is no secret that Russia has highly rated SEO marketing experts. We can offer you this service at this high level.
We offer the best prices
We have some of the lowest prices in UK, while offering highest quality website promotion services. You don’t believe it? Then write us and find out our SEO rates.
We present all the stages of our activities as transparent as possible for you to be able to know what we are to do with your website at every stage
You can at any time inquire and obtain from us any information about work being done on your website and what position your site is occupying at the moment. We don’t hide anything from you.
We use only white hat SEO methods
With us, your website will not receive Google penalties. We’ll always be with you all the way. We are very responsible with what we do.

Inquire from us our Google search engine optimization costs and assess the quality by yourself. You won't regret it.



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