Here, we’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Question: How much does website promotion cost?

Answer: The cost completely depends on the kind of results you want to achieve and on the theme of your site. Theme determines the level of competition and is crucial in determining the cost.

Question: What is included in the cost of website promotion?

Answer: The cost includes internal and external optimization (backlinks). We write texts for the site and place links. The cost includes not only program rework and modification, though we can also do that at additional cost – we have highly-skilled programmers that can do everything in the best possible way.

Question: My website has a Google penalty… Can you help?

Answer: Yes, we can! We have brought dozens of sites out from Google penalty and have accumulated a lot of experience in this business. The only hitch here is that we need time to first bring your site out of Google penalty and then we will be able to fully optimise it in search engines.

Question: Can I carry out initial audit of my site before I can order for your SEO services?

Answer: Yes, of course! We will carry out a full audit of your site, and if you like it, you can then order for a full package of SEO services. A pleasant bonus here is that we will subtract the site audit cost from your first payment.

Question: When do I pay for your services?

Answer: You pay for our services a month or two weeks in advance since – we write texts for your site and place links. Therefore, as in any other company, we need to first receive from you certain amount of money, which we will spend on your site.

Question: My website has not yet been designed but I’m already thinking about its promotion … What do you advise me to do?

Answer: That’s a great option! You can order for website design from us. In this case, we will design it such that it will be highly ranked in search engines.

Question: How do you operate?

Answer: We create the semantic kernel of the site and coordinate it with you for approval by you. After that, we will regularly send you a list of necessary revisions to the site for successful promotion. You can either make the necessary changes to the site yourself or direct us to do it for you.

Question: Which reports about your work do I expect to receive from you?

Answer: Every month, we send you a report on your site positions in search engines and on the work we’ve done. But you can at any time request for the report from us.

Question: I don’t have a site administrator. What can you offer?

Answer: We can make all the necessary changes to your site. To do so, we only need to have access to your site.

Question: Can you guarantee that you will take my site to Google’s top 10 search results?

Answer: Unfortunately, no SEO company can guarantee you such because search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and there is no guarantee that they will not change in the next few days or weeks. If any company offers you such a guarantee, then you should immediately ditch its services for you’re just wasting your time and you will still not get any results at the end.
However, we guarantee to provide you with high-quality services aimed at promoting your website in search engines.

Do you still have questions? Please write us! We are always ready and glad to answer them!