PPC Advertising

A system that is above and beyond simply controlling and utilizing AdWords.

What makes it great is its all encompassing nature that crosses all networks so that the best outflow can be achieved with minimal impact, be it either through searches or social interactions. We aim to bring out the best Return on Investment possible through a targeted campaign approach across the net sectors including YouTube and popular email platforms.

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  • A system with tailor made drive<

    A system with tailor made drive

    In order to get the very best out of our system it is vital that we integrate with your company methodology, dig deep into existing business strategy and seek out the competition so that we can build a Pay-Per-Click system that is not only in line with company drive but aimed squarely at success.

  • Extensions


    In the Pay Per Click market the use of Ad extensions has become the go-to must have. It is the prime way to optimize your existing Adtext giving you the advantage. Anyone not using this new technique is sure to be left behind in the methods of old.

  • Keywords


    It is vital that any ad run contains the right keywords to ensure that the message is strong yet simple. This, as a knock on effect, also reduces the cost of unnecessary expenditure while promoting the areas important to your business.

  • Adcopy Writing

    Adcopy Writing

    Hits through keywords and page landings are the aim and to do this we ensure that any campaign is focused and directed through continued usage and stress testing to make sure that you are always getting the most traffic for the best price.

  • Shopping Ads

    Ads aimed at shoppers

    Our system is intuitive and easy letting us get you set up and ready in no time. Furthermore we will help you streamline your project to make sure that your specific inventory is optimized in both shopping and ad listing sectors.

  • Are you worried about the performance of your campaign?

    Are you worried about the performance of your campaign?

    With our high feedback reporting system you will always have your finger on the “what’s happening” in your project. We have made it our mission to push forward all relevant data to keep you ahead of the curve from how your project is going right through to how you stand against your competitors.

  • The

    The “how” of it all

    We aim to build up our system around your business to lean on the strengths of existing Ad campaigns as well as pushing the boundaries of new networks. We understand how symbiotic our system must be to fit in with your business models and ideals and your connections to the networks are vital.

  • How to get started

    How to get started

    If you are one of many businesses who feel like their existing so called targeted PPC ads are not pulling their weight then let us overhaul what you have and take a full inventory of its usage, strengths and weaknesses so that we can tell you where it is going wrong and how we can get you back on the right track.

  • Getting the most out of your campaign

    Getting the most out of your campaign

    One of the primary reasons that projects fail is their distinct lack of company knowledge coupled with a lack of direction. Our continual development system ensures that and project is put through its paces to achieve the best results; that of a higher Advert click response rate with a reduced Cost Per Click for associated keywords. The net result of which is a streamlined process that changes the whole game.

If you are not yet into the world of Pay Per Click advertizing and want to know more then simply fill out our form letting us know about your business and your aims and we will get back to you and maybe even change your whole world.