Reputation Management

Object reputation management on the Internet consists of a set of models, methods and mechanisms for processing, analysing, using and correcting information according to the task assigned.

Why is online reputation management so important?

  • Whatever you do will surely find its way to the Internet. And whatever you will do because of this leak will get to the Internet even faster.
  • You can never win in the Internet by keeping quiet. Ignoring doesn’t work. Slander sticks. You’ll have to talk.
  • There is no such button as “Remove negative”. You can technically dislodge negative with positive, but only if you have the positive to achieve that.
  • Entering into a dialogue with a user popularizes a brand and can directly influence sales.

Typically, a satisfied customer doesn’t tend to write about his positive experience with a particular company since he expects a priori proper treatment and provision of services. This is psychology. It is in this regard that the Internet is replete with negative and sometimes angry feedbacks. A dissatisfied customer could not find the easiest way to express his dissatisfaction, than leaving a response and thus protecting potential customers from resorting to the company.
Reputation protection is an investment in stability and productive business development. Even the most positive image could be undermined by negative customer feedback and competitors, and this immediately affects sales.

What do you get by ordering for reputation management services?

SERM in SEoRG is the maximum improvement in the image of your brand, product or service and your personal reputation on the Internet.

We regularly monitor mentions. Our analytical tools enable us to track mentions by all sorts of criteria and parameters.
You’ll get:

  • Higher number of mentions of your brand
  • Increased positive mentions relative to negative ones
  • Better coverage thanks to initiation of new discussions
  • Brand recognition
  • Stronger selling capability of your site – increase in customer flow
  • Advantageous positions on the Internet relative to competitors
  • Proper viral effect of your brand’s presence on the Internet

Why are we into reputation management? It’s all simple: reputation management directly affects SEO promotion of a site. Therefore, by improving the reputation of your brand on the Internet, we are also improving the position of your site in search engines.