Social Media Marketing

In the modern and sometimes unexpected world of the internet Social Media has become increasingly important as people link up and share many aspects of their lives with others. For a business perspective it is nothing short of prime real estate to inject and market products and ideas. In fact if you are not taking advantage of such services in the current business world they you are going to fall woefully behind the curve.

One of the great benefits to using Social Media as a platform is how far across the markets you can put your company both locally and globally and the best part about it all is that it is free. Using common social platforms allows businesses to expand product ranges to both new and existing customer bases, and more than just that, getting them to interact back to provide information to streamline services and product ranges.

Engaging with customers through a familiar platform is the best way of engaging interest and connecting with client bases on a close personal level which can reap real rewards.

Our social media team are experts in their fields and can provide you with all the help you need to get you in the right place with your social platform.


Few things happen in the world today that are not registered somewhere on Facebook. As the world’s largest social media platform it is the real center for business to customer relations and if you are not taking advantage of it then you are currently suffering from more lost opportunities than I have time to write about. Facebook is the definitive place to get the word out about your company and all it has to offer alongside live update potential and links at the click of a single button. It allows you to share ideas, photos, videos and stories that can generate significant interest and feedback, gauge how well products are doing and why people do or don’t like them. It is the single best place to build reputation as an interactive caring company.

What once took a long time to achieve can now be done in minutes. A simple survey to judge the reaction to your latest product can be created and tested with minimal time and effort required but with a return of real usable data.


What makes LinkedIn unique is its business focus. As a way of reaching industry professionals it is second to none and is a great way to get your company noticed. People linked to your company can follow your latest news and blogs and link them to others at a single click. Much like other types of social media your company profile can be bolstered with pictures, videos, the latest news and links and is a great way to keep people up to date with your goings on.


While not as usable as many other social platforms the great benefit of Twitter is how fast you can reach an audience. Links and news stories can be tweeted and re-tweeted across the globe in seconds bringing a global audience to your door. As with many social interactions linking is everything. If fact it is the very reason the things go viral online. Twitter was born with a linking culture which means that targeted links can be used to spread company ideas far and fast. What makes Twitter different from its counterparts is the character limit that, while small, remains unfiltered which means your audience gets 100% of your news every time. Furthermore if you are linked to strong influencers in your field you can spread your company news to interested parties who are not yet linked specifically to you as you will reach their network.


Social media platforms come in a variety of styles and what makes Instagram stand out is that it is singularly picture based. While many see this as an advertising limitation the fact of the matter is that products well visually displayed sell more than all others combined. With any posted picture it is possible to tag them to categorize them into searchable formats which mean that you can target your product to an audience through smart key tagwords. Our team of experts here knows just how to tag your pictures to get them maximum exposure in the market which makes Instagram your new best friend.


Many people overlook what is generally seen an internet email link and yet Google+ should never be overlooked as a marketing tool. Its greatest advantage is that it is linked to the Google search system making it more optimized than its counterparts. Much like LinkedIn and Twitter it is an amazing tool for building groups of friends and followers making it easier to share your vision with the people who are in need of it. Because of the Google link it is even possible to share outside of the + system making your audience more accessible than ever.


Like Instagram this platform relies heavily on aesthetic style through image and idea boards meaning that if you have a product to sell it is an idea place to show them off. Its creative flow and use of infographics makes it ideal for any company with a bright idea and the drive to succeed.