Website Design

Why choose us to design a website for you?

Our core business is to promote sites on the Internet. If you already have a site and you would like us to promote it on the Internet, then one of the first steps is to analyze the site. This includes technical analysis, usability analysis, assessment of site conversion rate and much more. However, over the years, we’ve faced situations where sites that would seem to have been designed with very high quality, are often flooded with huge number of mistakes preventing them from making it to the top of search engines.

An example is a site with duplicate of pages or incorrectly configured redirects or with too much junk pages in Google’s index, which generally have to be removed from indexation. No matter the action you take, if you don’t eliminate all these errors, you won’t be able to promote the site on the Internet. You first need to fix these errors and only then can you expect results.

Why is this happening? This happens because those that design such sites and those that carry out the SEO are totally different people. It wouldn’t even occur to such developers that they are only damaging the site.

This is why apart from site promotion, we can now also create a custom design for you and configure it fully, prepare it optimally for further promotion. Such a site will grow rapidly in search engines and at the same time will be user-friendly. You’ll be amazed by the high conversion rate and large number of inquiries from your clients.

Ultimately, it will still be significantly cheaper for you to order both for the site design and its promotion from us than ordering for the design from another company or private master, and then redo it again.

What we consider when designing a website

When designing a site, we unfailingly consider the following important aspects, which have direct influence both on conversion rate and on the position of the site in Google search engine:

Convenient and easy design
A website should be designed such that it is first of all user-friendly and clear to users, and secondly, that it is easy for the server to quickly load the site.
Optimization of title and meta-tags
We will make optimized title and description (written by our SEO experts) on your website at once and also configure other important tags (such as the h1-h6 heading tags).
A valid, adaptive, cross-browser layout is one of the main requirements that must be met by a reliable and efficient website. This should definitely be taken into account when designing a site.
Mobile version
Google recently announced officially that it now takes into account the presence of a mobile version of a site when creating its search results. So, the mobile version of a site is now vital for effective promotion in search engines.
Website loading speed
If you are somewhat familiar with SEO, then you probably know that the speed of loading web pages on a site is one of the most important indicators checked by Google. A site position depends directly on this indicator. Therefore, we always consider it when designing a website.

Microdata make a site to look more attractive in Google search results. For example, the price and rating of your products or services can be displayed at the same time to your customers. Thus, your site will stand out from those of competitors and it will attract more potential customers.

Usability, functionality
We carefully think through usability and create user-friendly and useful features for your customers on the site. Our approach is that every user who visits your site must get that for which he visited. Therefore, we think over all the details to make sure that your site satisfies customer needs.
No duplicates
We will create a website such that some of the content is not duplicated on different pages of the site. Google penalizes sites that don’t meet these requirements. However, apart from the obvious duplicates, there are often hidden duplicates of pages in a website created by a content management system (CMS). You can deal with this problem by properly configuring the robots.txt file. You would agree that only few experts who specialize only in website design know about SEP promotion.
Robust structure and web page addresses
It is important at the stage of designing a site to consider the main list of sections and pages of the site, which will be promoted in search engines. This will help in immediately designing all the menus, basic navigation, and interlinking skillfully. To design a good website structure, we always initially collect a complete list of keywords of the site that will be subsequently used to promote the site. So, we can right at the design stage lay in the most efficient structure of the site for further promotion in search engines. You would agree that no single company specialising only in website design would offer you this.

What is the cost of designing a site and what determines it?

The cost is determined individually depending on the needs of the business for which the website is being created. We can’t even give you an approximate cost since websites may differ radically. Usually, the cost of designing a site falls between £1000 and above.
We also have a good offer for you! When ordering for SEO promotion for 1 year and above, we can create the site for free!