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Hello! My name is Igor and I would like to tell you a little about myself.

Since early age, I’ve always had a special bond with the exact sciences. Algebra, physics, geometry – these are all human knowledge that doesn’t have double interpretation. After all, we can’t:

  • Change the results of mathematical calculations under public pressure;
  • Change the laws of physics merely based on a country’s constitution;
  • Put a cube into a sphere when the cube edge length is equal to the diameter of the sphere.

In my teenage age, I had a personal computer and that was the first time I got acquainted with such a stunning thing as programming. As it turned out, having even the most modest instruments in this field, you can create separate microcosms obeying your rules and operating in fact on some zeros and ones.

Having graduated from high school, I entered the university and graduated as a Mathematician/System Programmer, majoring in Mathematical and Information Support for Economic Activity. After that, I went to do my masters in law to personally take a look at other areas of human life that are not connected with exact calculations. I studied just for a year into my program having realized that vague formulations, blurred boundaries and pulling of rules under one’s desired point of view are simply not for me. Nevertheless, it still came to my understanding that if I get immersed only in dry numbers and algorithms, I’ll miss an important part of my life. This most likely led me into SEO.

To me, SEO is the junction of two opposing, but still parallel areas of life, the quintessence of technology and humanities. It is only here, as in the real world, that the end result is made up of thousands of little things. A dry and strong site made of exact and smoothly running features can’t survive without user appeal and useful modern content. Likewise, a simply beautiful shell can’t be competitive without a reliable back, hidden from normal eyes. Constant balance, the so-called golden mean, is required.

I’m very glad that I can work in this area, keep up with changing trends, see with my own eyes the development and success of the projects that we implement.