Project Manager, Senior SEO SpecialistProject Manager, Senior SEO Specialist

Hi! As you already know, my name is Kate.

I’ve been in SEO business since 2008. At first, I thought my calling was in the area of mathematical systems. I obtained a university degree in information technologies and worked as a programmer for some time.

I liked my work as a programmer. But in the end, I wanted to try something else. When I came to SEO, I was already well familiar with many site development features and I knew many technologies. At first, I didn’t think that I would be so interested in this area to the extent of remaining in it. It seemed to me that site promotion in search engines is totally unpredictable. But at some point, I realized that search engines are incredibly complex programs written by programmers like me. As a programmer, I could analyse the programs and with study their algorithm high accuracy.

That was the point the SEO world opened for me. Day and night, I studied all that could be studied about search engines. I drew block diagrams an described models that can be incorporated in search engine algorithms.

After a while, I noticed that I look at sites with the eyes of ‘machines’. I see how the robot would scan a site and how many points the site will receive for implementing one feature or the other.

At the moment, I consider my work as the best that one can imagine. I have infinite space in the area of analysis of mathematical models and construction of algorithms. I can handle different projects. Besides, I always see the results of my work – you can’t even imagine how pleasant it is to see that the site you spent a lot of time and efforts on is firmly rooted in the TOP of search engines!

I’m closely attached to each site I’m handling in our team. I develop the basic SEO strategy, I check and analyse the content, participate in building a link environment, etc. To cut the story short, I’m very intimately familiar with each project and if you have any questions, please feel free to write me anytime, day or night.