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Hi! I’m Baruzdin Zhenya.

I’ve been in SEO promotion since 2014. But I became interested in sites far back in 2008. Then, I created my first online resource on a free web hosting Ucoz, which was dedicated to freestyle football. It was then that I realized that I would further develop in the field of WEB technologies.

My hobby

For more than 10 years (since 2006) now, I have been in freestyle football. Over these years, I was able to become a 6-time champion of Russia and also won a lot of freestyle online tournaments and various awards.

When I first started learning some techniques with the ball, there were almost no guys in the country that could do the same. So I can be rightly regarded as one of the pioneers of this sport in Russia. A like-minded community was gradually created via the site created and freestyle developed in our country more and more. Today, Russia is among the best 3 countries in freestyle football.

This hobby has helped me to cultivate important qualities:

  • Commitment;
  • Perseverance;
  • Patience.


After completing 9 classes in high school, I went to college under ITMO University. Graduating after 4 years, I received a certificate as a technician/programmer.
Then I decided to acquire a higher education. I got enrolled at St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology, at the Department of Information Technology and Management. At the end, I successfully defended my degree on website creation and promotion.


I met and fell in love with my future wife (Lily) while still in high school. But since I was then quite shy, I couldn’t take the first steps. Four years after graduating from high school, I accidentally met Lily and her girlfriend at the training ground. That was when our relationship kicked off. Again, we couldn’t have done without the help of freestyle.
I got married at the age of 20 and a year later, my son Misha, whom I love very much, was born.


At first I worked as a PC operator – I was in charge of updating the database of a real estate agency with necessary information. After some time, the work was over and I started looking for something really interesting – that is in the area where one can really grow and develop.

So that was why I started working at Amber, where I still work till today. I was assisted in promotion of over 200 projects of different subjects.


Now, website promotion is not just my job, but also a second hobby. I’m interested in constantly improving and learning something new.

There is nothing more pleasant than:

  • Seeing your son’s joy;
  • Being near with your wife;
  • Making new difficult techniques;
  • Seeing how the site you are promoting grow;

SEO is the future and I don’t have any doubt whatsoever in that!

If you have any questions on improving the site, please contact me at any time. I’ll be glad to answer!